About Us

Keen to separate romance from erotica we proudly introduce House of Romance,the newest imprint under the Andrews UK publishing house.

It’s quite easy to find yourself confused between the world of romance and erotic fiction. Whilst erotic fiction can contain everything that a romance book does it will often also contain way, way more.

A romance novel has a different desired outcome to that of erotic fiction. A romance novel should leave you feeling happy… or sad but it will typically end with a ‘happily ever after’. A true romance novel will also have good character building, a strong storyline and a relationship between two people. The sex scene, because sometimes they do happen, will be far less detailed than that in an erotic book and likely a less frequent.

If you’re looking for a romantic novel to delve right into, making you shed a tear or two whilst ultimately leaving you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside then this is the imprint for you.


As always we’re dedicated to bringing both authors and readers only the highest quality of books, in terms of reading material as well as style and quality.

Our offices are based in the UK but the company is truly international. Through our partnership with leading retailers and several years experiencne our titles are published to the highest standard and available in territories worldwide.